The Integrated Resource Development for Tri-people (IRDT)

The Integrated Resource Development for Tri-people (IRDT)

The Integrated Resource Development for Tri-people (IRDT) is a NGO based in Zamboanga City engaged in peacebuilding, governance, community development, and humanitarian work in multi-ethnic, conflict-affected and vulnerable communities throughout Mindanao.

Founded in 2006, by Kalma J Isnain and Ben Nasser Isnanin, IRDT’s mission is to provide the people of Mindanao with the best humanitarian, social, economic, and development services.

IRDT’s vision is a thriving and resilient Mindanao founded on peace, the embrace of diversity, and preferential opportunity for the poor. 

Social media provides people with the opportunity to communicate, entertain, and build/raise awareness of various issues. As a result, IRDT has established different advocacy tools to maximize the benefits of social media for positive change. 

The organization has supported numerous social media activities targeted at individuals in the Zamboanga Peninsula, Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi (ZamPenBaSulTa). 

IRDT’s latest project focuses on several areas that are considered push factors of violent extremism and terrorism if not addressed appropriately:

  • The Environment.
  • COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health
  • Co-existence 
  • Mental Health Awareness.


Since youth are the most vulnerable to recruitment and other developmental issues that may affect their future, IRDT worked closely with the Regional PeaceConnect Youth Advocates (RPCYA), an alliance of youth leaders across ZamPenBaSulta. Together, they discussed how to reduce emerging issues brought on by social media that are negatively affecting young people. 

This was done through a series of social media based activities, such as digital competitions which included slogan and poem making, digital painting, online quizzes, and traditional media activities such as a regular radio program which encourages the sharing of positive messages. 

The project is managed by the following people:


Mrs. Kalma Jikiri-Isnain 

Kalma Jikiri-Isnain, RSW, MSW, is the Executive Director and co-founder of IRDT. In 1998, she worked as a Community Development Specialist of the United Nations Multi Donor Programme At the time development projects were pouring into Muslim Mindanao following the signing of the Final Peace Agreement between the Moro Liberation Front and the Philippine government. 

After realizing that the gains of these development projects in conflict-affected communities need to be locally supported, Isnain and her husband, Ben, established IRDT. The NGO began with just 13 staff members, but quickly grew and gained support from various international donor organizations.


Dr. Marcelina (Marcy) Carpizo

Marcy is the Director of the Peace and Human Security Institute at Western Mindanao State University. She received her doctorate degree in peace education from Notre Dame University. For IRDT, she serves as the Project Lead and Technical Adviser. 


Ms. Zelda Mae G. Melendres

Mae is the RPCYA Coordinator for 7 target areas in ZamPenBaSulTa and the IRDT Community Development Officer. Mae is originally from Lamitan City, Basilan and received her B.S in Community Development at WMSU. In addition to her roles with IRDF and RPCYA, she is currently a master’s student at WMSU. 

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