About Us

A network of organisations.
A community of changemakers.

Established in 2016, SEAN-CSO is the acronym for South East Asian Network of Civil Society Organisations.

Spanning across Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia, our member organisations share one ultimate goal: to prevent violent extremism across South East Asia.

SEAN-CSO pools knowledge, ideas and projects to advance our collective mission.

From applying for grants to evaluating initiatives, our members enhance each other’s capabilities at every opportunity.

Together, we can stop violent extremism in South East Asia.
Togther, we can save countless lives – and make a true difference..

Our Strategy

Inform. Equip. Empower

Our strategy begins with building a robust foundation to fulfil our mid and long-term goals. These are stepping stones to achieving our ultimate vision: to prepare and support regional CSOs in their work against violent extremism.

The South East Asian Network of Civil Society Organisations (SEAN-CSO) works to counter violent extremism in South East Asia. On Tuesday 27 February 2018, the Steering Committee of SEAN-CSO endorsed a Strategy that outlines what the Network wants to achieve in the short, medium and long term. Through achievement of the short, mid and long term goals, the Network will progress toward the vision that “through SEAN-CSO, regional civil society organisations are supported and equipped to work against violent extremism”.

On Tuesday 13 March 2018, a meeting that brought together existing and potential members of SEAN-CSO was held in Sydney, Australia. Participants at the meeting designed the key activities that the Network could undertake over the next two year period to progress towards the mid-term goals outlined within the Strategy.

Below the goals are listed (1-5) with the accompanying work plan objectives (a-i) that were identified by the meeting participants.



Greg Barton

Deakin University


Matteo Vergani

Deakin University


Irfan Amalee

Peace Generation


Dr. Marzieh Sadeghpour

Deakin University

Dan Goodhardt

Deakin University

Dr Samantha Kruber

Deakin University

Dewirini Anggraeni

Deakin University

Dina Zaman

IMAN Research


Hass Dellal

Australian Multicultural Foundation

Katrina Scaramella

Australian Multicultural Foundation

Lynn Cain

Australian Multicultural Foundation