SEAN-CSO is looking for Our Monthly Content Contributor!

SEAN-CSO is looking for Our Monthly Content Contributor!

SEAN-CSO intends to promote secondary and tertiary CVE interventions by increasing information exchange among nations in the area and implementing human rights principles and do-no-harm principles.

To achieve this goal, we need people like you who can spread positive messages to prevent and oppose violent extremism in Southeast Asia through creative ideas. By expanding the opportunity to publish articles not exclusively from SEAN-CSO members, we hope that contributors can enrich the knowledge and perspective across ages, cultures, gender, regions, religions and social groups.

Benefits for selected contributors: 

  • Incentive up to USD$150.
  • Article will be published on the SEAN-CSO website, social media, and newsletter.
  • Special merchandise from SEAN-CSO.


General Requirements:

  • Someone that is having knowledge or/and experience in the field related to secondary and tertiary interventions e.g. academician, human rights activists, NGO officer, etc. 
  • Able to write articles for approximately 500 – 1,000 words length focus on the scope of secondary and tertiary interventions.
  • Committed to follow the deadline setting by the SEAN-CSO team. 
  • Someone that will open for feedback and revision if needed from the SEAN-CSO team.


The themes that will be discussed in from August until November 2022:

  • August: Creative Content as a Tool to Disengage and Deradicalice
  • September: ASEAN: A Hotbed of Problems to Come? What are the interventions needed?
  • October: Invisible Members: Women and Conflict in Cambodia and Singapore
  • November: National Action Plans: A Whole of Society Approach or Solely a Government Effort


Please read for complete instructions on how to apply as a SEAN-CSO content contributor.

If you are ready to apply please make sure to fill out the form at   

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