See Richard Humphries’ eight year journey documenting Thailand’s deep south region

Through visual narrative, “Kingdom’s Edge” presents a timely and alternative view from one of the world’s most underreported conflict zones. If you happen to be in Bangkok this week, take this chance to check out Richard Humphries’ photo exhibition and book signing of Kingdom’s Edge. Kingdom’s Edge is a photobook that explores the complex intricacies and subtle incongruities of daily life in Thailand’s Deep South region. Insurgency in this highly underreported conflict zone has killed more than 6,500 people by bomb attacks and assassinations. Many young people are forced to grow up in a conflict zone where the society is old and youthful, calm and restive. Humphries has been documenting South East Asia’s deadliest conflict since 2005.

See an extensive preview of Richard Humphries’ photo book Kingdom’s Edge here.

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