3 Ways to Utilize Creative Content to Deradicalise and Disengage VE

3 Ways to Utilize Creative Content to Deradicalise and Disengage VE

Can creative content be used as a tool to deradicalise and disengage VE? On Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022, we discussed this topic in our webinar with three notable speakers: Mahi Ramakrishnan (Beyond Borders, Malaysia), Lindawati Sumpena (PeaceGeneration, Indonesia), and Dr. Amporn Marddernt (Thammasat University, Thailand). They shared their insights on using creative content to promote deradicalisation and disengagement from CVE. 


Here are three ways to utilize creative content:


  • Festival

Mahi understands the situation in Malaysia, where the Malaysian people have not been exposed to an awareness of the refugees’ rights and protection. Mahi is privileged enough to be able to engage with many refugee communities. She has met a lot of refugees, and she knows there are many talented artists out there. Therefore, Mahi used creative solutions to engage with the public through festivals. Seven years ago, Mahi held the first Refugee Festival in Malaysia, inviting these refugees, many of them were poets, writers, and even filmmakers. This festival suddenly became a platform for the refugees to share their life experiences, and the Malaysian public could listen to them.


  • Art Performance

Dr. Amporn had her students read poems about peace. She believes that poetry is one example of local resilience to promote social cohesion and fight against social exclusion when people are stigmatized and vulnerable. As an academic, it is no surprise that Dr. Amporn is an active member of an academic conference. She argued the conference should be a place where people can engage in discussions and share their life experiences, even write it down as a poem. 


  • Gamification

Who would’ve thought the concept of “game” could be used as a tool to deradicalise? Linda shared her experience with PeaceGeneration using gamification methods for peacebuilding. Gamification tries to give the audience some of the journeys that drive their internal motivation to do something. Targeting younger audiences, she attempted to deliver the process of preventing violent extremism into a journey in the form of a game.


Using creative content, it is possible to deradicalise and disengage VE in a much more fun way. Although the concept of creative content has a broad meaning, plenty of alternative tools can be used to promote P/CVE. Not only practical, but this approach also broke the stigma that deradicalisation and disengagement could only be done using intimidating or serious methods.