Creative Content: A Playful Tool to Deradicalise and Disengage

Creative Content: A Playful Tool to Deradicalise and Disengage

Creative content is a new method that encourages unique and non traditional methods of learning that can be used to deradicalise and disengage individuals from violent activities. It identifies the drivers of radicalisation to formulate measures that address the issue. The subsequent interventions can be divided into two categories: deradicalisation and disengagement. 

Deradicalisation focuses on directing an individual’s violent ideology and behavior to be nonviolent. Disengagement, however, emphasizes how to open space for individuals to change behavior, such as rejecting, avoiding, and refraining from violent activities. The process involves a long-term and voluntary response rather than a forced and sudden ‘decapitation’ of violent actions. Rather than eliminating the core ideology, interventions should be viewed as a means to channel that energy instead of violence. 

Based on that assumption, we can create programs based on creative content, focusing on how to encourage participants to work together playfully. However, few Southeast Asian CSOs have applied this method of using interactive games such as board games or cultural activities. The creative content outcomes should genuinely fill the rooms of hopes or fears being felt during the normative process of CVE. This approach is hoped to have a significant impact and give different and new perspectives addressing the drivers behind violent extremism.