[Announcement] Grant Opportunity: Resiliency Initiative

[Announcement] Grant Opportunity: Resiliency Initiative

General information

As part of The Resiliency Initiative, the coming months will involve the development of social media campaigns led by local NGO partners in the AsiaPacific region. The Asia Foundation will seek to support up to five partners, enabling them to own, design and implement an online campaign to tackle violence and intolerance. Partners will have significant scope to design the campaign according to locally defined needs. The Resiliency Initiative intends to provide a funding grant for each campaign of $5,000.

Who can apply

  • Applicants from nongovernmental civil society organizations with an interest or presence in social media and are driven by or engaged with the local community are encouraged to apply.
  • Campaign proposals must include a significant online element using visual media, and demonstrate their contribution to the Resiliency Initiative’s overall goals. Each campaign should seek to prevent conflict, tackle violence, tensions between groups, discrimination, intolerance, extremism, or address related challenges.
  • Proposals may be submitted as an individual organization or jointly among multiple organizations.
  • Campaigns must be carried out in accordance with appropriate ethical standards and political sensitivity, and must be legally and culturally acceptable within the target country or area.
  • Campaigns should comply with and promote diversity and inclusion regarding both the managing team and the campaign topics/process.
  • Successful applicants are expected to participate in The Resiliency Initiative networking activities, to enable a link to their campaigns on the Resiliency Initiative site, and to regularly share campaign progress and results where possible.
  • Priority will be given to organizations which will derive maximum benefit from the grant and technical support (i.e. needing the inputs to conduct a campaign while having sufficient capacity to absorb inputs, implement effectively, and improve sustainably).

How to apply

  • Campaigns can include local languages for the target audience though the application must be in English.
  • A sample template will be provided.
  • A proposal should include:
    • A draft social media strategy including justification of the campaign aim and strategy; refer to the What, Who, How (with the 3Ms) for guidance.
    • Action plan with timeline of activities and budget estimate for each, indicating where cofunding or thirdparty resource is applicable.
    • Indicators and explanation of how to measure impact of the campaign.
    • Mitigating measures for dealing with misinformation or other risks.
    • At least one sample of social media content.
    • Any supplementing materials to the proposal i.e. sample campaign experience, images, videos, etc.

Submit your proposals to
resiliencyinitiative.asia@gmail.com by 21 March 2022

Resiliency Initiative: Call for Campaign Proposals
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Resiliency Initiative: Campaign Application Template
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