The Impact of Gender within International Alert Philippines’ Programs

International Alert has monitored gender-based violence (GBV) through their Conflict Monitoring system. It is a very important part of that. Over the past ten years, they have seen spikes in GBV at different times, including right now during the pandemic. Their main focus now is figuring out how to get better data on GBV to aid in policy and programming work, amid cultural barriers to reporting and even if national laws prohibit the collection of granular and longitudinal data.

“Women have been a part of all that we do, always. From conflict monitoring, the community groups where we validate the data, our PVE work, to our joint advocacy efforts, serving as an important voice in our campaigns. Many women have joined our RUMP trainings, so they are given a voice in their Peoples’ Resource Use Agenda. All of our multi stakeholder groups include women too.

“We cannot think of doing something without factoring in and considering the important role women play in society.” – Diana Moraleda