[Newsletter] January 2021

Members’ Voices
[Newsletter] January 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced virtually all stakeholders working on P/CVE in South East Asia to move their activities online. These constraints go well beyond the field of P/CVE and have changed how civil society and government programs across the board are being delivered. For many, this has precipitated a paradigm shift to digital delivery and generated many creative responses, including a remarkable proliferation of webinars, online training courses and other networking activities across South East Asia and the world beyond.

As welcome as these responses are, it must be acknowledged that they have also resulted in some unintended outcomes, the more benign of which include a duplication of efforts, a tendency to “reinvent the wheel”, and a diffused “zoom fatigue”. To create a firm foundation for civil society organisations to continue effective work on P/CVE in South East Asia, we propose the following program of activities for 2021:

1. Building an online library of manuals that are freely available online to civil society organisations working on P/CVE and in related fields.
2. Assessing the implementation of the SEAN-CSO strategy and the expectations for the future of the network.
3. Sustaining and growing online communications and production of newsletters and social media posts to ensure continuity in communications.
4. Producing a series of monthly webinars on issues of direct relevance to SEAN-CSO members.
5. Organising one online regional workshop in April 2021.

We present you the first SEAN-CSO Newsletter in 2021, featuring our members from Malaysia, which are Mable Leong and Eugene Yapp from Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia. We also provide interesting funding opportunities information inside.

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