Peace Talks : National Action Plan : Countering Violent Extremism

Peace Talks : National Action Plan : Countering Violent Extremism

The UN Secretary-General’s 2016 Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism recommends that “…each Member State should consider developing a national plan of action to prevent violent extremism which sets national priorities for addressing the local drivers of violent extremism”

Each country has developed their unique strategy to curb violent extremism, and ensure their citizens feel safe all day and night. The Southeast Asia region isn’t free from organized terrorist presence as well.  Recently, Indonesia announced its first and ever National Action Plan to combat terrorism effectively, introducing non conventional and softer approach by including the community. But what about other countries in the region?

Let’s listen to two experts – Ibu Ruby Kholifah and Dr Azmil Tayeb – who will speak on their countries’  National Action Plan’s strategies, their effectiveness and challenges faced by people in the CVE and security sector.

Please join us!

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