[Newsletter] June 2020: Monitoring and Evaluation of P/CVE

One of the most straightforward, but difficult, questions to be addressed by Civil Society Organisations is, “How do we know if our program reduces violent extremism?” As we considered the resources available to Southeast Asian CSO’s, we decided to provide a Toolkit that can be used to design effective impact evaluations of CVE Programs. As we explored our own method of monitoring and evaluating CVE programs, we also took the time to examine the current methods of SEAN-CSO members, and we want to encourage our members to share the methods that work and don’t work for their programs. 

Throughout the month of June, we also delved into the hatred and intolerance that is happening in Southeast Asia, specifically in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Muslims in Mindanao continue to face discrimination in the Philippines, Rohingya immigrants in Malaysia have seen increased violence during the current pandemic, and religious intolerances are still prevalent throughout Indonesia. Although the problems at hand are difficult to face, we have been encouraged to not only hear about the issues across Southeast Asia, but the programs our CSO’s have in place to spread tolerance and peace.