“Most of the men want to leave”

This report examines the gendered vulnerabilities and realities faced by Syrians in this time of war and displacement, and what these may mean for future peacebuilding. As the Syrian war enters its seventh year, we explore some of the main gendered impacts of the violent conflict – for those who remain in the country and those displaced. We also examine the gendered dynamics of recruitment into armed groups as well as engagement in these groups more broadly.

The social repercussions of conflict and displacement faced by men, women and those with other gender identities are examined in relation to other factors that interact with gender, including age, urban-rural location, political and ethno-religious background, sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as level of education. The report argues that understanding gendered dynamics is essential to providing targeted support to Syrians affected by the war and any communities hosting them as refugees, and that a deeper understanding of gendered experiences of conflict and displacement will be necessary for any peacebuilding to be successful once the war ends.

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